Top Skincare Products of 2017

top skincare products 2017, beauty, skincare, sephora

I just realized that 2017 will be over in two weeks! (wait, what!?) Looking back, I realized I made some very important decisions this year one of which was investing in my skincare regimen. Investing in my skincare regimen has been quite the journey. After trying product after product I eventually found a few winners that have noticeably improved my skin.

Drum roll, please…

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The Benefits of A Honey Mask

honey mask

If you have been keeping up with my current beauty regimen, then you know that I am down to the last of my Fresh Rose Face Mask. Instead of using the last of it (insert monkey covering mouth emoji) I went straight to my kitchen cabinet for some good ol’ honey. I was introduced to the “honey mask” a few years back by a dear roommate. He was walking around with what appeared to be a clear mask on his face, which I later learned was honey. After he told me the benefits of honey for the skin I was eager to get my own honey mask on.

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