New Year, Better Skin

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I decided to forgo the typical “new year, new me” mantra this year and I decide to go with “new year, better me” mantra instead.¬†I mean I went from Clearasil to La Mer (enough said). I’ll admit my skincare routine is far from perfect after all there are a few gaps I need to fill however I intend to make the necessary improvements needed to enhance it all year round.

Skincare Resolutions:

Drink More Water

I have found that drinking a ton of water on a regular basis greatly improves my complexion. I am still on working on the regular basis part however making sure I carry a water bottle everywhere has been a tremendous help.

Apply More SPF (on my face)

I brushed upon the topic of applying SPF last year. Back then I would only use SPF mostly in the summer when I had planned to be outside in direct sunlight for hours on end (tisk tisk). Now that I know the benefits of using SPF every day, this year I plan to use SPF all year round.

Eat With My Skin in Mind

I hate the word diet. Instead I would like to make an effort to maintain a healthier lifestyle. In order to achieve a healthier lifestyle I plan to incorporate more foods that provide nutrients and antioxidants necessary to improve my skin.

Get Facials Regularly

I managed to get 3 facials last year (don’t judge me). Those 3 facials did make a difference. This year I plan to get more than 3 facials, one every 6 weeks to be exact.

Sleep (more sleep and sleep the right way)

I can get a good 7 hours easily on weekdays minus Friday but on the weekends its quite the opposite. In addition to getting more sleep every night I would also like to change the way I sleep. I hate to admit it but I sleep on my side about 75% of the time (yikes!). I plan to practice sleeping on my back to keep any wrinkles at bay.


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